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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

How to Make Green Eyes POP With Neutral Shadows

Okay, I’m not gonna lie, my green eyes are probably my favorite feature. It’s typically the first thing people notice about me other than my height (I’m 5 feet 11 inches without heels). To help keep my eyes bright and fun (and deter people away from my height) I love playing with different shadows and eyeliners.

Now anyone who has ever Googled “how to make green eyes stand out,” will be bombarded with articles recommending purple eyeshadow colors and eggplant eyeliners. While great for making green eyes brighter, I’m not trying to look like I got punched in the face on my way to class.

Instead, I’ve turned to neutral eyeshadows and eyeliners. Granted, the purpose of a neutral eyeshadow palette is in the name. It’s supposed to complement a majority of skin tones and eye colors. BUT, with the right undertones, you can make green eyes pop without the need for bold purples and indigo hues that can give off the “I’ve just been in a car accident” look.


Why Women Need to Lift Weights

Growing up, I had always participated in some type of sport. In the fall it was cross country, and, in the spring, it was track and field. Health and fitness were never something I had to worry about in high school because all I had to do was follow along with the workouts my coach gave me. Working out as a team pushed me to my physical limit and my times were seemingly faster because of it. It wasn’t until I came to college however, that it all changed.


Walking into the gym for the first time was easily the scariest freshman experience for me. The entire facility was massive and appeared to have a separate machine dedicated to every muscle imaginable. The main floor of the gym almost functioned like a middle school dance with women utilizing the aerobic machines on one side, and men groaning through the free weights on the other. For a while, I did what most new girls at the gym do and stuck to using strictly the elliptical and treadmill because that’s what I thought I was supposed to do. After doing this routine for about three months and not seeing any results, I started to get frustrated. What was I doing wrong? Well, apparently EVERYTHING.


Why Added Sugars Aren't So Sweet For Your Health

Look, let’s face it, sugar tastes AMAZING. It has the unique ability to liven up any meal and make even the most bitter drinks taste decadent. Growing up, sugar was the center of some of my favorite childhood memories. At Thanksgiving, my mom has this tradition of baking a delicious cheesecake, but the catch is that she never uses the same recipe twice -- and let me tell you, it’s my favorite part of the entire meal. While there is nothing wrong with a sweet treat now and then, it becomes a major health problem when our diet is laden with added sugars. It’s especially troubling as consumers, considering most of us don’t even realize that the products we are buying can be a major contributor to the problem.

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