Tuesday, May 19, 2020

How to Make Green Eyes POP With Neutral Shadows

Okay, I’m not gonna lie, my green eyes are probably my favorite feature. It’s typically the first thing people notice about me other than my height (I’m 5 feet 11 inches without heels). To help keep my eyes bright and fun (and deter people away from my height) I love playing with different shadows and eyeliners.

Now anyone who has ever Googled “how to make green eyes stand out,” will be bombarded with articles recommending purple eyeshadow colors and eggplant eyeliners. While great for making green eyes brighter, I’m not trying to look like I got punched in the face on my way to class.

Instead, I’ve turned to neutral eyeshadows and eyeliners. Granted, the purpose of a neutral eyeshadow palette is in the name. It’s supposed to complement a majority of skin tones and eye colors. BUT, with the right undertones, you can make green eyes pop without the need for bold purples and indigo hues that can give off the “I’ve just been in a car accident” look.

Before I get into my favorites, I need to explain the importance of the color wheel. The idea of complementary colors means looking at the hues and tones opposite the color you want to highlight. In this case for green eyes, the ideal complementary colors shown on the wheel are purples and reds. Instead of playing with these exact eyeshadow shades that tend to be on the bolder side, look for neutral shades with these colors as underlying tones. Shadows that fall in the red, orange, and pink category will give you the same effect.  

This means instead of plain gold shadows, I use ones with a warm orange undertone and instead of basic brown eyeliner, I look for bronze and copper. Just looking for these aspects when I’m adding an eyeshadow or about to draw liner on my lash line has changed the game.


Below are my favorite eye shadows, palettes, and eyeliners to make green eyes pop:

Eyeshadow Singles: 

Loreal Infallible 24 Hour Eyeshadow in Amber Rush


I love this cream eyeshadow for an everyday look. It applies beautifully with your finger (no brush needed you’re welcome) and lasts all day without creasing. With its pink and gold undertones, this color will make your green eyes light up. Press it on the eyelid, add some mascara and BOOM out the door you go looking like an 11.

Antiqued M.A.C.


This warm copper brown is my staple in the fall or whenever I’m attempting a brown smokey eye. This eyeshadow is brown at heart with red undertones. I love applying it all over the lid and blending the crease out with a milk chocolate matte brown. With its metallic finish, this shade will make your green eyes look like you've doused them in Lumify.




Tarte Double Duty Easy on the Eyes Clay Liner


I love smudging this on my top line and dotting it along my lower lash line for a little definition. This eyeliner is waterproof, creamy, and easily buildable. A deep golden brown, this shade brings out the gold flecks in green eyes and doesn’t look as harsh as black liner. So whether I’m headed to the bar or rushing to class, this is my go-to.

Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Eye Crayon in Ro(Cocoa)


In my junior and senior year of high school, this eyeliner was the only thing I reached for. To be perfectly honest, this crayon and the Tarte eyeliner are very similar. Both are twist-up pencils, both are waterproof, and both have a brown sheen to them that compliment green eyes. Much like the Tarte liner, the Marc Jacobs crayon is a deep golden brown that helps bring out the golden flecks in green eyes. That being said, the Marc Jacobs crayon is slightly more yellow in an undertone. After years of using both, I prefer the Tarte liner solely for the packaging. When I would get closer to the end of my Marc Jacobs liner, the remaining crayon would break off and fall onto the floor every time I took the cap off. 

Eyeshadow Palettes

Tartelette Toasted


After so many glowing reviews of this product on YouTube, I finally bit the bullet (thank you Sephora VIP sale) and I’m so happy I did. With 12 warm neutrals, each shade carries an undertone of pink, red, and orange making it the essential palette for green eyes. No matter what color combo you’re feeling that day, your eyes will make a statement.

Tartelette In Bloom

Alright Alright I know it’s another Tarte product, but I couldn’t choose between the two!! While different tones of neutrals, both are incredibly complementary for green eyes. Tartelette Toasted is definitely warmer, however, these shades are equally as flattering. I love pairing Firecracker (a copper bronze) on the lid with a mix of Smarty Pants (tan) and Rebel (chestnut) in the crease for a bold look. I’ve had this palette for two years and I can’t imagine living without it.

 Urban Decay Naked 3


The third installment of the Naked trilogy airs on the rosier side with each neutral shade boasting a pink undertone. This bad boy was my first palette ever and it remains a tried and true staple for any look I’m feeling that day. For daytime, I love pairing Trick (pink copper) on my lid with Factory (pinky-brown) and Nooner (medium pinky-brown) blended into the crease. For evening, I love adding Darkside (taupe-mauve) into the outer corner.

Buy em, try em, and enjoy the compliments ;)




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